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Well, hello there!

I’m Kayla, a twenty-something photographer, daydreamer, and nature-lover based in the beautiful and historic city of Franklin, Tennessee. I’m so excited to “meet” you!

I’ve always been curious, from the time I was a toddler wandering off down the grocery aisle to see what I could find on the bottom shelves to now, when I spend a generous amount of time exploring the world through my camera. If I’m not taking photos, you’ll likely find me with my head buried in a book, taking an online class, or putting pen to paper to write web and print content.

My photography style is bright, airy, and timeless. When you step in front of the camera, I want you to feel confident, relaxed, and happy! Giving you a great session experience and a gallery full of images you love makes my heart sing.

When I was a little girl, my nana used to buy me disposable film cameras and let me wander around her property taking photos of whatever I wanted. To this day, we have endless pictures of trees, flowers, and my childhood dogs and cats!

As I grew up, I carried that early love of photography into adulthood. I bought my first “fancy camera” when I graduated college and, in true form, started learning as much as I could! Several years later, I took a chance and stepped out in faith to launch my own business. It’s been a wild ride — and I’ve loved the journey!

8 Facts About Me

1. I can quote a surprising number of lines from both Harry Potter and Gilmore Girls, two of my favorite stories from my youth that I still love to this day!

2. I daydream of jet-setting on a daily basis. In fact, my husband bought me a scratch-off travel map of the world just before we got married. And when he proposed, he worked in the phrase, “will you be my adventurer partner for life?”

3. As much watching episodes of The Great British Baking Show, I’m not the best baker in town. I’m not the best at measuring ingredients — or following a recipe!

4. I like to go for long, ambling drives down beautiful country roads when I need a little inspiration. I may or may not sing in my car along the way, too!

5. I have a deep love for neutrals. If you were to sneak a peek into my closet, you would find warm white flannels, cognac shoes, and shirts and dresses in cozy, muted tones.

6. My hair is neither straight nor wavy. It’s somewhere in-between, which means my straightener has racked up a lot of mileage over the years!

7. I love Jesus and aim to live my life in a way that honors Him above all else!

8. It took me 26 years to start liking coffee. Now I sometimes drink two cups a day. Or three. But who’s counting? 

Is there something else you’re curious about or want to know? Send me a message at kayla@kaylawalden.com and we can talk about it!